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Feb 28, 2011

1 UP

 Saturday Was my step-son Jake's 9th birthday and we had a party for him at our house on Sunday. I thought about this cake for about 2 weeks, I wanted it to be something awesome. So it finally hit me.. He love to play the wii and any game that is Mario. So i decided to go for the mushroom guys (don't know if they actually have names or not). I knew that this was not going to be and easy task and i did not want to mess it up, So i used a basic chocolate cake recipe  from Hershey's so that i could focus on the design  and look of the cake. I have never used  fondant before and I actually made my own (I also bought some pre made fondant as back up in case mine came out awful ) I died some red and some green with food coloring.  As for the cakes themselves I used the Big Top Cupcake Bake Set and cut the bottom in half and made another cake in a bowl to build my two mushrooms.

As for using fondant, i need more practice as you may or may not be able to see in the picture. I did make a second cake  to serve to the kids..  just because it was easier to cut and Jake got to take his mushroom cake home with him =)

Altogether i worked on these cakes for  about 3 hours, but they came out cute as heck and Jake loved them!! Mission accomplished..1UP for mom!!!

Feb 22, 2011

Can't fight the craving...

So I know it's been over a week since we baked our last creation.. which explains why i had this overwhelming urge to bake last night.. I could barely contain myself. So instead of fighting the urge and waiting for a better day/time I went for it..
I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies so i used that for my creation. And behold the chocolate chip cookie cupcake!!!!

Ahh craving fulfilled. These are brown sugar cupcakes, baked with cookie dough inside, chocolate chip frosting, and a cookie on top. They taste exactly like a chocolate chip cookie!!! These cupcakes definitely redeem us from our last creation!
"you are the best chocolate chip cookie maker ever mom!!" my 2 year old's thought on these bad boys. Give it a try and i guarantee your kids will say the same about you!

Feb 13, 2011

you win some... you lose some

So it all started while looking for some ideas and we found these flaming strawberries  and there were some ooooos and ahhhhhs and we HAVE to do that!! But then there were these hearts and more oooing and ahhing, that's awesome too!!! Well what if we make strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting like chocolate covered strawberries... mmMmm. YES to all of it! It's Valentine's day let's go all out! So we made a strawberry cupcake with chocolate frosting with the heart surprise in the middle and the flaming strawberry on top!! Hmm should that be the name of it?

Too bad they smell and taste like dog food =( Not sure what went wrong here, the frosting is Really good
but the cupcake just isn't. So if you're feeling adventurous give this recipe a try and maybe tell us what
went wrong, why does it smell like dog food? What would you do to change it? It does look pretty, But looks
aren't everything are win some... you lose some

** Congratulations to Ray of being the inner of our give away!!**

Feb 9, 2011

The one and only creamy, crunchy, chocolate, O-R-E-O!

This weeks cake creation was a request. The request was for Oreo cake balls, but not just any Oreo...  peanut butter Oreo. How could we possibly turn down a request for these? They are SO addicting!! It is not even possible to eat just one of them, I guarantee you that you can make them and eat them all in a day, they
are that easy to make and delicious to eat.So thanks Tina for the request, and we hope you love them!
If you have been wanting to bake something but don't have the time, these are perfect, no baking, quick and easy.

Ready for valentine's day?? We will be making a special valentine's day cupcake and would like to use this special holiday as an opportunity for our first give away.Want to win our special valentine cake item? Become a follower of our blog and comment under this post and you will be entered, the winner will be chosen
randomly and we will mail or hand deliver your prize (depending on location)! Tell a friend and have them follow & comment that you referred them and receive 1 extra entry per person!!! Winner will be picked on Sunday and announced Monday morning with our Valentine's Day post <3 Good luck

Feb 4, 2011

"oh the weather outside is frightful..."

There has already been a state record amount of snowfall last month in CT, with over 47.8 inches of snow, topping the previous record of 45.3inches set in 1945.

So needless to say we all had some cabin fever and these kids needed to get out of the house! So we took our cake adventure to my mother's kitchen and we had a little help...

To welcome February and undoubtedly more snow we decided to make a snowball cake! Remember those hostess snowball cakes, so YUMMY.

We wanted one, a BIG one. we weren't exactly sure how to make this ball of a cake tho, so after some research we found that you can bake a cake in a bowl (oven safe bowl of course.. like these Pyrex Prepware 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, Clear) We decided on a chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling and a sugary frosting, coated with coconut.
The only thing is when baking in a bowl it took FOREVER to bake, we wanted to make
sure it baked all the way through without burning the edges so we kept the oven at 300 and baked it for an hour and a half!! But it was well worth the wait.