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Feb 28, 2011

1 UP

 Saturday Was my step-son Jake's 9th birthday and we had a party for him at our house on Sunday. I thought about this cake for about 2 weeks, I wanted it to be something awesome. So it finally hit me.. He love to play the wii and any game that is Mario. So i decided to go for the mushroom guys (don't know if they actually have names or not). I knew that this was not going to be and easy task and i did not want to mess it up, So i used a basic chocolate cake recipe  from Hershey's so that i could focus on the design  and look of the cake. I have never used  fondant before and I actually made my own (I also bought some pre made fondant as back up in case mine came out awful ) I died some red and some green with food coloring.  As for the cakes themselves I used the Big Top Cupcake Bake Set and cut the bottom in half and made another cake in a bowl to build my two mushrooms.

As for using fondant, i need more practice as you may or may not be able to see in the picture. I did make a second cake  to serve to the kids..  just because it was easier to cut and Jake got to take his mushroom cake home with him =)

Altogether i worked on these cakes for  about 3 hours, but they came out cute as heck and Jake loved them!! Mission accomplished..1UP for mom!!!


  1. Wow.. I give you props for trying out fondant on a b-day cake. I never worked with the stuff but heard some things from working at joanns. I think they came out great though : ) I was going to try last weeks recipe but I really wanted vanilla cupcakes instead, so I went with a recipe. They came out well, just a little dry ; /

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  3. I love these cakes jeni! I may commission you to make one in the future.:)