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Mar 27, 2011

Tres Leches

I had a request for some tres leches cupcakes, and I admit i never heard of them before this request so I had to do some research to find out out what tres leches cake was. Tres Leches translates to three milks and that's what makes these cupcakes so yummy & moist!!!
Although it was very time consuming they were pretty easy and it was well worth the work and I learned something new!
So it is basically a sponge cake recipe and you poke holes into the cupcakes and brush the milk mixture over teh cupcakes until it is all gone and the cupcakes have absorbed all the mixture. Aren't they pretty?
Check out the recipe and give 'em a whirl..

1 comment:

  1. Tina reports that the person she gave them to as a birthday gift thought they were absolutely fabulous!! Great job!!